Hire a VISTA

VISTA at officeA good cause. A great business opportunity.

Who hires VISTAs?

Organizations that hire VISTAs are called “host sites.” Host sites are nonprofits or government agencies that provide critical services, training, and empowerment programs aimed at enabling local residents to break the cycle of poverty.

As a host site, you’ll benefit from receiving the support of a full-time staff member without the high cost of salary and benefits. Host sites who have hosted VISTAs in the Manchester area include nonprofits such as Families in Transition (Manchester), Arts in Reach (Portsmouth), Nashua Boys & Girls Club (Nashua), and CASA (Manchester). Government agencies include the City of Manchester’s Office of Youth Services and the Keene Public Library.

Who can become a site sponsor?

Thinking about sponsoring a VISTA? Your organization must be a:

To host a VISTA, your organization must be able to provide:

Your project must have clearly defined objectives and goals directed toward alleviating poverty and serving low-income communities.

Is VISTA right for your organization? For more information, visit: americorps.gov.

Apply Now!

VISTAs and supervisorIf you are interested in hosting a VISTA in New Hampshire, please contact the Families in Transition VISTA Program Coordinator: via e-mail at FITVISTA@fitnh.org or by phone at (603) 641-1143 x 357. For more information download our “Be a Host Site” brochure.

For more information on the AmeriCorps*VISTA program and to learn more about sponsoring a VISTA at your organization, visit americorps.gov and click on “For Organizations”.

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