Community Garden Center

Hollows Community Garden and Learning Center

Planting food for today; Cultivating healthy behaviors for tomorrow

Research shows that homeless children go hungry at twice the rate of other children. Inadequate nutrition is tied to poor immune functioning, reduced brain functioning, and other physical and mental health problems that contribute to stress, tiredness, and an inability to work – factors that hinder one’s ability to reach beyond the cycle of homelessness

 Families in Transition’s Hollows Community Garden and Learning Center is designed to improve the quality of life and help homeless individuals break the cycle of homelessness by delivering immediate hunger relief and providing educational experiences that develop the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to cultivate self-sufficiency and lifelong healthy behaviors. This project will reduce this area’s high level of food insecurity, provide critical education and resources for sustainable food access, and aid in the transition from homelessness.

Interested in learning more about permaculture and garden design? Click here to learn about the Garden Design Workshop that took place November 7 – 11, 2014.

Garden Design

Proposed design of the Hollows Learning Center and Community Garden

Your Donation to the Hollows Learning Center and Community Garden will help:

Feed over 100 families at the Family Place Resource Center and Shelter with fresh, home cooked meals from the garden.

Engage homeless individuals and families in growing their own food.

Teach nutrition education to at-risk, low income individuals.

Give cooking demonstrations, teaching valuable cooking and meal planning skills.

Provide tools and resources for families to make informed food choices.

Inspire families to take the basic steps to self-sufficiency and a healthy future.

Improve short and long term health outcomes of homeless families.

Revitalize a depressed area through the creation of a park space.

Raise awareness of the lack of nutritious foods available to low-income families.


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Help feed some of Manchester’s hungriest populations. Donate today 

Want more information? Contact the Resource Development office at 603-641-9441 ext. 327



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