Don’t Pay Full Price: Visit These NH Secondhand Stores

August 25, 2018
By Vanessa Palange

Why spend lots of money on designer duds or the latest trends in home and fashion when you can just snatch up someone else’s slightly used goods for a much more reasonable price?

Here at, we love our second-hand stores. It makes us feel good about not contributing to more waste. And let’s be honest, on a journalist’s salary, many of those name brands are just too costly to buy new. We’d rather spend that extra cash on traveling or hanging out with friends.

So we hit up our favorite secondhand shops when we need a new pair of fabulous pants or a fancy dress that will make us feel (and look) amazing and the knock-out shoes to pair with both.

In honor of National Secondhand Wardrobe Day (Aug. 25), here are a few of our favorite secondhand shops in the Granite State.

113 Storrs St., Concord

Even if they didn’t have hundreds of fabulous finds, the store’s social media game is so on point, you just want to stop in daily (or maybe more). Store owner Elyssa Alfieri knows what’s up and what’s hot. She made the Union Leader’s 40 under 40 in 2018 and it’s easy to see why.

Check out her daily stories on Instagram.


And we know these are supposed to be prom options, but who wouldn’t want to wear super fancy dresses like these in their everyday life?


394 Second Street, Manchester

We shed a few tears when the Concord store closed, but luckily, the Manchester location is still going strong.

The best part about OutFITers is it provides funding for Families in Transition – New Horizons, which merged with New Horizons in January to form one of the largest organizations to offer services to homeless people in New Hampshire. We all know our state could do a much better job to help the homeless out so you can do your part by shopping at this store.

You can check out their clothing gallery with some amazing options that range from professional to casual (but I can’t promise you that I didn’t head down there immediately while writing this article to buy all these looks).

This dress says it all. Don’t you just feel happy looking at it?
Outfitters dress.png

25 Marshall St., Nashua

Don’t let the word nun scare you. You’re probably not going to find a habit among the racks of secondhand options.

Like OutFITers, the Grey Nuns is a charitable organization associated with St. Joseph Hospital. It also helps out Marguerite’s Place, an organization that provides transitional housing for homeless women in crisis and their children.

If you’re a man on a budget, this might be the place for you to find a professional or formal outfit at a bargain. (But don’t worry ladies, there’s plenty for you, too.)

16 Tremont St., Claremont

If the amazing clothing finds aren’t enough to make you go, how about review after review talking about how amazing and generous owner Laurie Wallace is?

One example:

“I expected to find a shop-owner, not a friend, when I began frequenting K-n-K. I found out that she drove her help to work when they were without a car.”

She also donates some proceeds to the Sullivan County Humane Society. Who doesn’t love animals?

But there’s also great clothing finds. Just look at this store-front window.

kit n kaboodle.jpg




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