Strategic Gifts

Working to help you fund a cause that is meaningful to you or your organization

Families in Transition is grateful to work with dedicated individuals, families, foundations, and institutions passionate about homelessness and hunger issues.

Together, We Can Prevent and Break the Cycle

Families in Transition understands it will take a community-wide effort to truly make a difference in the mission to prevent and break the cycle of homelessness. We know empowering people struggling to find a home, a meal to eat, or who need a helping hand to escape the grips of substance use is not something we can do alone. Significant gifts from critical individuals and foundations have been vital to the success of some of our most significant accomplishments. We remain grateful to these key individuals and institutions who drive our mission forward through their exceptional commitments.

Let’s Talk

Let us help you align your goals and values to the needs of one of our critical programs and services. To learn more about how your gift can make a significant impact on the lives of families and individuals experiencing homelessness, please contact:

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