Lifestyle Briefs: Circle Program donates to Families in Transition

October 6, 2018

Sisters Niamiah and Amani, both Circle Program members, present the program’s donation to Michele Talwani of Families in Transition.

Circle Program donates to Families in Transition

The Circle Program’s Circle Camp in Groton has had a long-standing practice of having the girls eat a meal of plain rice once per session. With the “rice meal” tradition, the Circle girls sacrifice in order to give back to the community by donating money that would otherwise have been spent on a full meal. 

Each year, the girls choose a different local nonprofit organization to be the recipient of their philanthropy. This year, they chose Families in Transition, which provides services to homeless individuals and families. 

After considering a list of possible organizations, the girls were given a chance to speak in favor of their personal choice. “One of our teens, Niamiah, stood up in front of the entire camp to advocate in favor of donating to Families in Transition. She shared that she knew of a certain family’s struggle with homelessness and how they were helped by a similar organization,” the Circle Program wrote. “Niamiah’s gratitude toward those that helped her friends inspired her desire to help others in a difficult position.” 

The program said Niamiah and sister Amani, were excited to present the Circle Program’s donation check last month to Michele Talwani of Families in Transition. The girls also chatted with Talwani about their experiences as members of the Circle Program.

The program provides girls from low-income New Hampshire families with “opportunities to learn the skills, courage and confidence they need to handle the challenges in their lives.” It does this through a combination of adult and peer support that is delivered through year-round mentoring and residential summer camp programs.

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