Publicity Guidelines

Thank you for offering to do a drive to benefit Families in Transition! Not only will your efforts help our program participants, but you are also helping spread the word about Families in Transition to the broader community. While promoting your drive, we ask that you include the following information in flyers, press releases, and other publicity materials when possible. This will ensure that people who are interested in donating to your drive or attending your event know about the work done by Families in Transition.


Families in Transition (FIT), a nonprofit organization located in Manchester and Concord, New Hampshire, was founded in 1991 in response to the growing number of homeless individuals and families in the greater Manchester area and throughout the state.   Its mission is to provide safe, affordable housing and comprehensive social services to individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, enabling them to gain self-sufficiency and respect. For more information about FIT, visit or call 603-641-9441.

Logo Use

When using the Families in Transition logo, do not alter colors or the placement of words and other elements. The logo should be used on a light-colored background when possible. If the logo is used on a website, please make it a clickable link to

FIT Logo

For professional printing, use EPS. Click here to download the EPS logo.
For home printing projects using Word, Powerpoint, or Publisher, use JPEG. Click here to download the JPEG logo.
For web, use GIF. Click here to download the GIF logo.

You can also click here to download templates for flyers.

Follow up

Please e-mail copies of flyers, press releases, and other publicity materials you distribute  to your contact person at FIT. Whenever possible, we like to post the results of volunteer-organized drives on our Facebook page as a thank you. Please e-mail us the results of your drive along with any pictures. If you submit pictures, please make sure each person in the photo(s) has completed a Families in Transition Photo Release. Families in Transition Photo Releases can be obtained from your contact person at FIT.

For more information or for clarification about these guidelines, please call 603-641-9441 or e-mail [email protected].

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