Trauma Informed Care: 2-Day Training Series

March 20 and 21 of 2012
March 20: Children of Trauma
March 21: Structured Sensory Intervention
161 S Beech St, Manchester, NH 03103
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Thank you for your interest in our trainings!  Unfortunately, registration for this training has closed.  To view our upcoming trainings, please visit  To request a training, please email [email protected] or call 603.641.9441 extension 251.

Structured Sensory Interventions is an evidence-based practice focused on reducing trauma symptoms and trauma related mental health issues on children, adolescents and parents.

The New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness is hosting a 2-day training series on the provision of Trauma Informed Care.  The training will familiarize participants with a proven, evidence-based practice known as Structured Sensory Interventions.  The series is divided into two 1-day sessions: Children of Trauma and Structured Sensory Interventions.

Children of Trauma
This session will introduce participants to introduced to trauma-informed care and the evidence-based techniques used to significantly reduce trauma symptoms and trauma-related mental health issues through videotaped interviews with children, case studies, and multiple examples of successful interventions.

Participants of Children of Trauma will be able to:

Structured Sensory Interventions
This session will teach participants trauma-specific intervention tasks and techniques through practicing and experiencing the evidence based structured sensory interventions.

Participants of Structured Sensory Interventions will be able to:

Who should attend this training?
The Trauma Informed Care training series is geared towards professionals in a variety of fields, including:

Registration Information
All available seats for the March 20 and 21 training have been filled. If you would like to be added to our waitlist or would be interested in attending this training in the future, please fill out the free waitlist registration by visiting the Registration Page. If a seat opens up, we will contact the waitlist registrants.

Continuing Education Credits
This training is pending approval for NASW and LADC Continuing Education Credits and pending approval for Early Childhood Education professional development hours.

Learn how Trauma Informed Care can reduce trauma symptoms and trauma related mental health issues.

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