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We enjoy hearing from our FIT VISTA Alumni about where they are and what they are up to! Below you will find profiles on Alumni who have generously shared their career stories, including their career paths since graduating from the FIT VISTA Program. Their stories also include resources and experiences that have influenced their employment choices; and details about their current positions. The purpose of these stories is to highlight our Alumni and their accomplishments since graduating from our program.


Sophia Japhet
FIT VISTA 2013-2014

“After completing my VISTA year, my service site (Families in Transition) hired me on full time as a volunteer coordinator. This position allowed me to continue the work I started in my VISTA year as well as develop other skill sets such as volunteer coordination and training. However, I decided to go back to school for my Master’s Degree in Public Health – the field I wanted to have a career in. During my schooling, I was connected with a few people at the local Health Department so when a job opportunity opened up at the Department, I was considered for the position and got it. Now, I am almost finished with my Master’s degree (May 2017) and will be continuing in my role as an Environmental Health Specialist in Manchester. Additionally, I sit on the Board of the New Hampshire Public Health Association. 

I owe my professional journey to the VISTA program. As a new college graduate, the VISTA program provided me not only with the opportunity to gain professional experience but also provided me that opportunity within the context of giving back to my community. As a VISTA, we build key skills and networks necessary for future careers and also complete work that has direct implications for the vulnerable populations we serve. I think I am a more well-rounded and more aware professional because of my year of community service. Now, as I progress in my career, I will always have that foundation of service and that mindset of getting involved in my community to help guide both my personal and professional actions. I am thankful and humbled to have such a profound experience.

Additionally, the people I met during my year of service had significant impacts on the course of my personal and professional growth. My colleagues at my VISTA site I considered my mentors, my fellows VISTA members were peers I could learn from, and the people I met during my work formed the basis of my professional network. Exchanging ideas, learning new skills, being exposed to different situations – all of these experiences influenced the trajectory of my path. I don’t think I would have been accepted into my Master’s degree or got the job at the Health Department without the influence of these key people. I would recommend all graduating college students dedicate a year to community service in some capacity. The personal and professional benefits are unparalleled.”


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