30th Annual Walk Against Hunger – Virtual Walk FAQ

As you may or may not know, our annual Walk Against Hunger is going virtual!

We put this FAQ together to answer some questions about how this is going to work. You’re likely familiar with our annual walk that starts and ends in Veterans Park. Getting yourself to downtown Manchester by the start time – finding parking, wrangling the kids, etc. – can be a challenge. And, if you’re busy, out of town, or living out of state, you can’t walk at all.

With this year’s virtual walk, you pick where you do it, and, while we hope you will walk at the same time on May 17th at 12 pm and share your journey on our social media, you can walk at any time that is convenient for you. The walking is real—it’s the community that’s virtual!

Why should I walk?

You’ve ALWAYS been needed to serve the mission behind the Walk Against Hunger. This time is no different – and the stakes are even higher. The event is going virtual and we’re inviting supporters from around the country to join in and help us make it bigger than ever. 

Funds raised will go towards supporting shelter, meals, and food for those in need. Your participation will help keep programs running and allow us to continue operations that provide essential services during this difficult time.

Will there be activities in Veteran’s Park?

No, unfortunately there will be no gathering or activities in the park this year.

Where should I walk?

In your neighborhood – on a trail – on a treadmill – with your dog. You can jog, run or walk. The choice is yours!

What if I can’t do it on May 17th?

That’s okay. While we’d love to have you walk with us, you can walk anytime at YOUR convenience! Register today and walk anytime in April and May. 

We’ll be sharing photos on our social media and hope you will too – we’ll be excited to hear about your walk whenever you do it!

Can I walk with a group?

Please follow suggestions from the CDC and state and local officials about how to safely practice physical distancing. We recommend, based on the most recent guidelines, that you limit your walk to yourself and those in your social distancing family. We’ve made this a virtual event to keep everyone safe. You can VIRTUALLY walk as a group, but please remember to physically distance! 

How can I make this fun for family, friends, and coworkers?

Even though we may not be able to physically walk together this year, there are a few fun ways to stay connected while keeping social distancing in your walk plan. Create a team, invite your friends, family and co-workers to virtually walk with you.

Make it a virtually social experience:
1) Pick your team’s walk date and time and encourage everyone to walk on their own (socially distance).

2) Create a play list and share it with your team to listen to independently on their walks.

3) Pick a theme and all dress in the same gear and color.

4) Post updates on your social media using #FITNHWalk


How do I create a team?

When you register you’ll have the option to join or create a team, which works great for friends, coworkers, or other groups who want to sign up and work together to work towards a common fundraising goal. But, if you want to walk with without creating a team, don’t sweat it – it’s optional and you can register as an individual.

Do I receive a t-shirt?

The first 1,000 people to register will receive a t-shirt. Due to local business closures and vendor availability, shirts will be provided after the event.

How can I prepare for the virtual walk?

Register, create your team, and start mapping out your walk. We’ll be sending helpful tips on how to plan and prepare your walk plan to everyone who signs up.

How do you know I really did the 5K walk?

Frankly, we don’t. But we trust you—and that’s not what this event is REALLY about. We hope you’ll get out and support this community and the mission to help those in need.

We’ll be following along with everyone who posts on social media, so be sure to share photos of your walk using #FITNHWalk and tag us on Facebook (@fitnh) and Instagram (@fitnh1).

How do I sign up?

You can sign up on our Event page at: support.fitnh.org/WALK2020

I’m not on social media – is that a problem?

That’s not a problem at all! Anyone can participate and walk on the day of, you do not need Facebook or Instagram to register, fundraise, or be part of a team.

Just register through the Event page and share your fundraising and team pages with others via text, email, snail mail, whatever works for you. Addtionally, feel free to send us photos and videos, via email or text, of you and your team walking so we can share!

Email [email protected] anytime. We look forward to walking “with you!”

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