A Message From Our President


Due to the growing demand for housing for homeless families and individuals, Families in Transition (FIT) has grown exponentially over the last 20+ years. Throughout my first year with FIT, I worked with five women and their children at our first location in Manchester, NH.  Now, we own over 17 properties throughout Manchester, Concord and Dover, NH. In 2014, we provided a home to over 200 families and individuals each night. Nonetheless, we receive thousands of referrals annually from struggling families and individuals requesting housing and services. There is still a desperate need of support for homeless families.

On an average day, we receive over 30 phone calls from families asking for our help. In order to provide emergency relief within a safe environment, we acquired the management of Manchester Emergency Housing (MEH) the City of Manchester only family shelter and one of thirteen year round emergency family shelters in the State of New Hampshire. In 2014, our seven bedroom facility provided a home to 55 families and 104 children. To learn more about MEH, click here.

Nevertheless, many families still struggle with finding shelter. Due to the demand or the condition of the existing family shelter, we recognized the need for a new specially designed family emergency shelter in Manchester. In 2013, our dedicated Board of Directors took action by voting to build a new, larger, safer, family emergency shelter, which will be known as “The Family Place Resource Center and Shelter”. The construction of this facility starts in June of 2015. Once built, this facility will provide housing to 80 parents and 120 children per year, and serve as Manchester’s first all-inclusive resource center designed to meet the needs of homeless families and children. The dual purpose of this project will ensure families will be able to quickly access services they need to regain housing stability and long-term wellness. To learn more about The Family Place Resource Center and Shelter, click here.

Another complementary program, related to our Family Place Resource Center and Shelter, focuses on helping our families cultivate healthy behaviors. Over the past 23 years, we’ve witnessed firsthand the lack of access to nutritious meals faced by people who are homeless. Hunger and inadequate nutrition continues to impede on the ability of homeless individuals and families to gain self-sufficiency and lead healthy, successful lives. To address these key issues, we’re developing the “Hollows Community Garden and Learning Center”. Through the construction of the community garden and education facility, this center will help provide immediate hunger relief, expand food access, and deliver hands-on educational experiences to help families make life-long healthy choices.  The “home grown” foods will be cooked at The Family Place Resource Center and Shelter and given to the families staying there.  To learn more about The Hollows Community Garden and Learning Center click here .

Our commitments to providing services that help get to the root causes of homelessness continue to grow. Our Family Willows Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) opened in 2011, as an innovative, program helping female community members with history of substance use or trauma, through recognizing, examining and understanding the effects of substance use and trauma. The IOP provides intensive therapeutic case management opportunities for any woman struggling with substance use issues. In 2014, the IOP provided substance use and trauma treatment for 182 women with or without children, with 59 women completing the program.  To learn more about IOP, click here .

We take pride in our work to improve the lives in our community. Through our supportive service programs, our state-of-the-art housing facilities, or our social entrepreneurial business spirit as seen with the growth of our OutFITters Thrift Stores and FIT Cleaning Solutions, we are continuously excited to share each and every one of our success with all of you. To learn more about OutFITters, click here , for FIT Cleaning Solutions, click here . Thank you for your support and for your continued commitment to the mission of ending homelessness for individuals, families, and children in New Hampshire.


Sincerely yours,
Maureen Beauregard


Maureen Beauregard

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