Affordable Housing

In order for our communities to thrive, it is essential that we provide affordable and equitable housing options.

Housing shortages are a major cause of concern and a contributing factor to homelessness in communities around the country and the globe. It is our aim to ensure the continued development of safe and affordable housing. We are committed to creating dignified and suitable living alternatives for members of the community who are at or below the poverty line.

Through our work with programs at the local, state, and federal levels we work to provide housing assistance and prioritize affordable housing for families and individuals experiencing homelessness in our community and those who are at-risk and vulnerable to homelessness.

Our affordable housing options are supported by various funding sources, including private donors and state and local financing that allow for the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing units that are made available to people exiting homelessness and other low-income families and individuals who need support.

We offer more than sixty permanent affordable housing units around the state of New Hampshire and continue to seek out opportunities to expand our offerings and collaborate with other housing agencies, local landlords, and homeless service providers.