Emergency Homeless Services

Providing necessities and acting as a bridge to supportive services

Members of the community experiencing homelessness are at a much higher risk of health issues, hunger, and the potential for negative impacts due to chronic homelessness. Maintaining proper health, nutrition, and a quality standard of living proves ever-challenging due to limited resources and barriers.

People living unsheltered require a comprehensive array of services to meet them where they are with care. Our goal is to support physiological needs like food, shelter, and medical care while serving as a platform to overcome barriers to transitioning out of homelessness.

Emergency Shelter

We offer multiple 24/7 emergency shelter programs for adults and families in New Hampshire. Our goal is to help meet the most basic needs and engage with emergency shelter participants through intensive case management to guide them in overcoming barriers they face in finding and retaining housing.

  • Adult Emergency Shelter – Manchester
  • Family Emergency Shelter – Manchester