Ways to Give

Every day, with your help, we deliver comprehensive services to people in our community through housing, emergency shelter, substance use treatment, and food programs.

When you give, you help prevent and break the cycle of homelessness.

Tax-Savvy Gift Options


Giving from a Donor-Advised Fund

Many of our donors choose to give from donor-advised funds they establish. This is an easy, tax-wise way to give to charity.

Our EIN number is 02-0475414

Questions? Contact Doreen Baker at 603-606-8404 or [email protected]

Giving from Your IRA

If you are 70 ½ or older, you are eligible to contribute up to $100,000 directly to charity from your IRA and avoid paying income taxes.

If you are 73 or older, you are required to take a minimum income distribution each year from your IRA. When a gift is made directly from your IRA to charity, the IRS does not tax that portion of your distribution as income.

Our EIN number is 02-0475414

Questions? Contact Doreen Baker at 603-606-8404 or [email protected]

Giving a gift of stock

Buy low. Gift High. Appreciated stock held for more than a year can be gifted to charity easily.

You start with a simple email or phone call to your financial advisor or brokerage firm. With a stock gift, you avoid paying capital gains on the increased value, you receive a charitable deduction for the fair market value on the day you donate.

Here’s the information you need: 

Legal Name: Families in Transition, Inc.
Fidelity account number: 645-062-658
Routing/DTC #: 0226
Tax ID: 02-0475414

Please let us know when you initiate a stock gift. There are steps we must take on our end to complete the transaction and issue your tax receipt.

Questions? Contact Doreen Baker at 603-606-8404 or [email protected]

Gift with Employer Matching

Double your gift amount with employer matching! Many employers have a matching gift program that doubles each gift you make. Check with your employer to see if Families in Transition is eligible.

Questions? Contact the Resource Development Team at [email protected]

Thank you for your generosity!

For any gift – please see our Tax ID and legal mailing address below.

Tax ID #: 02-0475414
Legal Address: 122 Market Street, Manchester, NH 03101

The gift planning information on this site is intended as general. It is not to be considered tax, legal, or financial advice.
We encourage you to consult with a trusted financial advisor before making your decisions.