Our Services

Evidence-based approaches addressing the root causes of homelessness

 Homelessness is a complex problem that requires comprehensive solutions. Pictures of homelessness can look very different, depending on the individual or family and their unique situation and needs.

We design programs and services to ensure that people have the seamless support they need to find and maintain a home long-term. Our goal is to partner with our program participants and serve as a single hub they can utilize wherever they are in their journey in exiting homelessness.

Emergency Homeless Services

Members of the community experiencing homelessness are at a much higher risk for health issues and the negative impacts of exposure to inclement weather. The barriers faced by people living unsheltered require a comprehensive array of services to meet people where they are with care.

  • Adult and Family Emergency Shelters
  • Integrated Case Management

Food Programs

Proper nutrition is key in caring for the health and well-being of people experiencing homelessness and households at risk of becoming homeless. We offer a variety of food programs that provide assistance for people experiencing hunger and food insecurity.

Substance Use Treatment

Addressing substance use disorders requires comprehensive and individualized care. Our Willows Treatment Center offers substance use treatment services, including outpatient and intensive outpatient services by licensed counselors and therapists to help people on their recovery journey.

  • Client Assessments
  • Intensive Outpatient Services
  • Outpatient Services
  • Recovery-Specific Housing

Our Program Model and Core Competencies

We aim to serve the whole person. Our programs and services include integrated case management and other supportive services to empower people. We work with people living unsheltered through emergency homelessness services, help people experiencing homelessness find and retain housing, and provide basic needs like food and emergency shelter. We also partner with clients to address mental health and substance use that act as barriers to stability.

~ Housing First Approach ~
~ Integrated Case Management Services ~
~ Collaboration with Community Partners ~