Learn More About Your Giving Options

Please note: Gifts arrive from brokerage firms, retirement accounts, or donor-advised fund accounts and often do not include your name or any contact information.

You can help us complete transactions, acknowledge receipt of your gift, and provide appropriate tax receipts by simply sending an email to [email protected] to let us know when a gift is on its way.

You can also ask your financial institution to include your name and contact information when they send a gift on your behalf.

Thank you!

  • Donor-Advised Funds

    A Donor-advised Fund (DAF) allows donors to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants from the fund over time. Most DAFs can be established with gifts of appreciated securities and other assets in addition to cash. If you would like to establish a donor-advised fund, contact your financial advisor, Fidelity Charitable (Schwab, Mellon, Vanguard, etc.), your bank, the NH Charitable Foundation, or any community foundation.    

    To protect your life-long savings, it is wise to name a beneficiary or beneficiaries. For donor-advised funds, this is also known as a successor-in-interest. This can be a family member or a charitable organization. Naming multiple beneficiaries is a common and popular way to give. 

    When you make a donor-advised fund gift, it’s possible the sponsoring organization will not share your name or contact information. Please email [email protected] or call 603-606-8404 when you’ve made a gift so we can thank you and ensure your gift is used as you intend. 

  • Gifts from an IRA (Charitable Gift Distributions or QCDs)

    This is a tax-wise way to give! If you are 70 ½ or older, you are eligible to contribute up to $100,000 to charity directly from your IRA and avoid paying income taxes. 

    If you are 73 or older, you are required to take a minimum income distribution each year from your IRA, even if you don’t need or want the funds.  

    When you give a gift from your IRA directly to charity, the IRS does not tax that portion of your distribution as income, and the charitable gift counts as a portion of your required minimum distribution.  

    If it’s the first time you’re making a charitable gift from your retirement account, simply contact your financial advisor or company that manages your retirement accounts. Here’s the information you will need: 

    Families in Transition, Inc. 

    Employer ID: 02-0475414 

    122 Market Street 

    Manchester, NH 03101 

  • Stock Gifts

    You must own stock for more than a year to make a gift to charity. This “appreciated” stock can be gifted to charity easily. It is another tax-savvy way to give! 

    You start with a simple email or phone call to your financial advisor or brokerage firm. With a stock gift, you avoid paying capital gains on the increased value, and you receive a charitable deduction for the fair market value on the day you donate.  Here’s the information you need: 

     Legal Name: Families in Transition, Inc. 

    Our Fidelity account number: 645-062-658 

    Routing/DTC #: 0226 

    Tax ID: 02-0475414  

    Please let us know when you initiate a stock gift. There are steps we must take on our end to complete the transaction and issue your tax receipt.  

  • Beneficiary Designations

    The simplest form of “estate planning” is designating a beneficiary or beneficiaries. It is an easy, no-cost way to remember your family and charity. 

    This is important for every person to do because, without a beneficiary designation(s), the decision about what happens someday to your savings, checking, investments, and insurance is out of your hands.  

    How to designate a beneficiary: 

    1. Ask your bank, financial planner, retirement plan or investment company, or insurance company for a beneficiary form. Most forms can be completed online.
    2. You need your family member’s social security number and/or an organization’s identification number to name a beneficiary.
    3. You can name multiple beneficiaries. And, you choose how you would like your hard-earned savings to benefit your family and your community.  

    With a beneficiary designation, you keep it simple and savvy—for you and your heirs. 

     You protect your life-long savings by making decisions today that let others know what is important to you tomorrow 

    Families in Transition’s Employer ID is 02-0475414 

  • A Gift from Your Will or Trust

    A gift to charity in your will or trust is a popular way to join the Cornerstone Legacy Society today, and you ensure a cause you care about will continue to serve your community tomorrow. 

    Simply include this one sentence in your will or trust: 

    “I bequeath to Families in Transition, a New Hampshire nonprofit corporation, Federal Tax ID Number 02-0475414, currently located at 122 Market Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 03101, or its successor thereto, [select one option below] for its unrestricted use and general purposes.” 

    • An amount equal to _____ percent of the next value of my estate. (A popular option favored by many for its simplicity.)
    • The sum of _______.
    • All the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate.

    No gift is too small. Your gift ensures your impact continues, and you are remembered for generations to come as someone who made a difference for people experiencing homelessness. 

    If you have an established will or trust, the above statement can be added through a document called a codicil—or attachment. It is a simple way to modify a will or trust without re-writing the original document. 

    If you wish to discuss any type of gift, please contact Doreen Baker at 603-606-8404 or [email protected] 

  • Benefits of Joining the Cornerstone Legacy Society

    • You protect your life-long savings by making decisions today that let others know what is important to you tomorrow. 
    • Your assets remain in your control during your lifetime. 
    • You can modify your gift to address changing circumstances. 
    • Promised gifts cost nothing in your lifetime. 
    • You are remembered for generations to come as someone who made a difference for people experiencing homelessness. 
    • You leave a legacy of hope. 

    Other benefits: You receive advance invitations and reserved seating at public events; opportunities to attend gatherings with the president or other leadership staff; assigned a philanthropy officer for confidential conversations; and you receive quarterly newsletters and other periodic communications to keep you informed of the ways you are changing lives today. 

Thank you for your generosity!

For any gift – please see our Tax ID and legal mailing address below.

Tax ID #: 02-0475414
Legal Address: 122 Market Street, Manchester, NH 03101

The gift planning information on this site is intended as general. It is not to be considered tax, legal, or financial advice.
We encourage you to consult with a trusted financial advisor before making your decisions.