Willows Substance Use Treatment Center

The Willows Substance Use Treatment Center recognizes how substance use can destroy the lives of many, and is all too often a root cause of homelessness. Families in Transition – New Horizons-New Horizons offers specialized treatment programs for those in the community who struggle with substance use and mental health disorders.


Intake Process:

Anyone seeking treatment, recovery housing or transitional living for substance use disorders can call our intake line at (603) 641-9441 ext. 401 or walk in Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., 293 Wilson St. 2nd Floor, Manchester, NH, for an intake appointment. Our substance use treatment professionals will assess your needs and determine which program is best suited for you or make a referral to another program that best meets your needs.  


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Men and Women:

The Willows Substance Use Treatment Center specializes in providing evidence based practices to address substance use disorders as well as mental health and trauma. We provide support for overall wellness and recovery and focus on breaking down the barriers so that each individual can receive the treatment they need. Treatment is individualized and ranges from four weeks to four months. The Intensive Outpatient program consists of sessions three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday for three hours a day. During this phase each individual also receives individual therapy and case management to address the individual’s unique goals while in treatment. This phase of treatment allows participants to maintain their daily responsibilities such as parenting and employment while addressing their substance use and mental health.


Outpatient Treatment for Men and Women:

Individuals may access outpatient treatment if appropriate level of care needed to support one’s recovery or may  step down from the Intensive Outpatient program to our Phase Two, Recovery Action Group. This group meets two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, for three hours each day. During this phase participants focus on maintaining their recovery and building more concrete skills to support a healthy lifestyle. Staff hope to support participants in recognizing, examining and understanding the effects of substance use and trauma on their lives and the lives of their families.

Our Outpatient Services also consist of one-on-one individual therapy, recovery support and outpatient groups such as Relapse Prevention, Nurturing Families and Moral Reconation Therapy.


Childcare & Transportation:

During all levels of treatment, participants can utilize free and supportive child care services as needed and transportation to the program within Manchester, based on program eligibility.


Transitional Living & Recovery Housing Program for Men and Women:

Our gender specific programs are designed to provide safe and affordable temporary housing for up to six months. Our women’s program, located on Wilson St., Manchester, NH, and men’s program, located on Brook St., Manchester, NH, provides Transitional Living Services for adults with residential substance use treatment services. The program supports individuals in early recovery with substance use and behavioral health disorders to transition back into their own communities. When a client of the Transitional Living Programs, participants are becoming a agreeing to utilize the services of their assigned treatment team to work towards self-sufficiency. When working with your treatment team you will have the opportunity to create an individualized treatment plan unique to your needs.


Recovery Housing:

Recovery housing for single women with children is located at 293 Wilson St. 2nd Floor, Manchester, NH.  Families in Transition – New Horizons-New Horizons Recovery Housing is a safe place where mothers can work towards reunification or maintaining a substance free household with their children while maintaining their recovery. We are committed to providing the most innovative and effective interventions specifically designed to help individuals reach beyond the cycle of addiction. Our goal is to help provide the support, tools, and resources needed to guide individuals struggling with a substance use disorder.  Having a safe environment in a community with other parents in early recovery, provides a support system, along with their treatment team to maintain a healthy self for a more stable family.

For more information about any of our programming, call (603) 641-9441 ext. 401 or e-mail [email protected]. Walk-in’s welcome, 293 Wilson St., Manchester, NH, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Please note: No one will be denied access to Willows treatment services due to inability to pay. Please inquire with Willows intake for further information.  To learn more about using medical insurance to pay for substance use treatment click here.


Funded in part by NH DHHS Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services.


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