Case Management

Case Management

Dedicated support to help people achieve success in their journey exiting homelessness

The barriers people face when experiencing homelessness can be staggering. Surviving day-to-day becomes difficult enough in its own right, never mind trying to locate and navigate the services available in the community. Many folks are left feeling powerless when trying to maintain optimism and hope for a better quality of life.

Overcoming homelessness, like any other goal, requires a coordinated plan. Having knowledge about the service ecosystem and access to support and resources is critical to success. Having an experienced partner in your corner can go a long way in helping to achieve your objectives and lead to beneficial outcomes.

The Families in Transition Case Management team serves as a dedicated resource for our participants, including those in our housing and emergency shelter programs. Case managers works with participants to assess, plan, and facilitate care coordination and evaluate and advocate for options and services to meet the needs of an individual’s and/or family’s comprehensive needs. This involves a great deal of collaboration with program participants and coordination with available resources.

Possible Goals/Outcomes

  • Temporary and Permanent Housing
  • Job and Income Stability
  • Access to Private and Public Resources (programs, funding, etc.)
  • Improved Life Skills
  • Recovery from Substance Use