Homelessness Outreach

Homelessness Outreach

Making connections through care and empathy to guide people to safety and security

Homelessness is a daily reality for many people in our communities. You may see people living unsheltered on street corners, in tents, or encampments. There are also many others who go unseen and are less visible in the community. Sometimes people are doubling up with family members or couch-surfing with no place to call home.

Stable and secure housing is key for improving overall health outcomes, especially in helping people who are experiencing chronic homelessness. Working with members of the community who are at-risk and in need of support requires a highly-engaged approach. It often takes time to build relationships and trust in order to guide people towards a new or different way of life and provide assistance.

As knowledgeable and empathetic guides, the Families in Transition Outreach Team serves a growing demand for homelessness services and care. They spend countless hours reaching their hand out in the community. Working directly with other providers, they provide ongoing case management and act as a channel to various resources that are available, including emergency shelter and housing, health services, community services, and mental health and substance use treatment.

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