Volunteer Spotlights

2016 Volunteer of the Year: Roxanne Olsen

Whenever our staff needs help, Roxanne is the first to jump in – whether it’s helping customers and donors at OutFITters, or assisting children and staff at the Family Place preschool.  Roxanne’s selflessness and positive attitude is radiating and inspires everyone around her.  Roxanne truly embodies the mission of FIT, and is generous in the support and dedication shown to others.  Over the past 3 years she has contributed over 1,000 hours of time to our organization and has become an indispensable part of our volunteer family.  Roxanne is a leader, mentor, and friend to fellow volunteers and always puts the needs of others first simply out of kindness.  If you were to meet Roxanne today you’d never guess how established she is within our organization, because she is a quiet and consistent force for good.  Roxanne is humble and never asks for anything in return other than knowing that someone’s day is brighter.  We can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award.  Congratulations Roxanne!

2016 Youth Volunteer of the Year: Fabiana Paolini

When our staff first met Fabiana, we could tell she was a go-getter.  She was first introduced to FIT through our Youth Ambassador program, and as part of this program Fabiana was required to volunteer at least two hours per month.  Fabiana regularly went above and beyond this requirement and volunteered at least two hours per week – eight times the minimum amount of required hours.  Fabiana is always eager to carry out multiple projects and has worked with our staff to brainstorm fun and creative projects for our participants.  Fabiana is a true leader – she has helped our staff lead volunteer projects, has trained some of her Trinity High School peers to become volunteers, and has recruited members of her family to join our volunteer team!  We know that Fabiana has a bright future and thank her for her commitment to our agency.

2016 Volunteer Group of the Year: Derryfield School

Our OutFITters store staff can always depend on the Derryfield School whenever there is a project that needs accomplishing.  Together they work as a cohesive team with a lot of motivation and energy and the group leader does a fantastic job supporting her students.  This group is also special because they support many aspects of our mission from hosting a monthly dinner with a home cooked meal for our participants, to volunteering at our annual events.  They truly live up to their philosophy to have a purposeful involvement in our community, and educate and engage students, parents, and faculty on behalf of Families in Transition. We couldn’t be more appreciative of their support. Congratulations to this year’s Group of the Year, the Derryfield School. 

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