Volunteer Spotlights

2017 Volunteer(s) of the Year: Bill and Brenda Clunie

This year, the “Volunteer of the Year” award goes to a husband and wife power team, Bill and Brenda Cluine. This couple has been volunteering twice a month as Kitchen Assistants at our Family Place since we opened in January of 2016.  They are always more than happy to help in any way we need.  Whether it is cooking, cleaning, serving or entertaining they have always stepped up to whatever challenges appear.

You count on them to really own their volunteerism. Bill is a particularly masterful when it comes to keeping our kitchen beautifully clean and Brenda is always there to run the popcorn machine, snuggle a baby or portion out seconds.  We have been so very fortunate to have them as volunteers. They are compassionate, hardworking and always greet you with a smile.

2017 Youth Volunteer of the Year: Kelly O’Brien

Kelly O’Brian is one of the Youth Ambassadors from Trinity High School. She often volunteers at OutFITters Thrift Store in Manchester, and she attends our Youth Ambassador events. 

She is always on the ball. She is quick to respond when we reach out to the Youth Ambassadors about upcoming events, and she makes sure the others get back quickly as well. She can be counted on to spread the word about upcoming events and opportunities. She is passionate about helping the families and kids who live in our housing; she has great ideas on ways to get students and families involved, as well as how to get the Youth Ambassadors together. She is really showing what a caring and giving teenager can do, and she does it very well!

2017 Volunteer Group of the Year: Youth Ambassadors

The Youth Ambassadors are a dedicated and caring group of high school students from Trinity High School and the Manchester School District. They are truly passionate about helping others in their community. They are fun to be around and spread that energy to everyone they interact with. These students are taking time out of all the other extracurricular activities they are doing to give back to their community. They are in the middle of tests and competitions and getting ready for college, yet still have room in their hearts to host an Easter Egg hunt for our kids, volunteer time at OutFITters Thrift Store, and organize drives and fundraising for us. These young people are really setting the bar for what the next generation can do.

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