South’s NHS students have a ball at charity event

Teens across the state danced the night away at the annual Charity Ball on Saturday night.

Hosted by New Hampshire’s chapter of the National Honor Society, the dance gave students a unique opportunity to branch out and make some new friends. Students from high schools all over New Hampshire were invited to join, drawing a diverse crowd.

NHS members and nonmembers alike could buy tickets for $30 for one student or $50 for a couple. In addition, Nashua High School South’s members even received NHS credit for attending.

“I initially planned on going to the Charity Ball to earn credits for NHS, but the closer it came, the more excited I got about meeting other scholars around the state,” said senior Courtney Mansfield, a member of the NHS at South.

Despite the fact that many students came with friends, comfort zones were transcended as groups mingled with each other. To maintain a secure environment, the dance was monitored by chaperones, although students felt at ease to interact with each other.

“To anyone who likes meeting new people and just having an awesome time, I would definitely recommend going to the Charity Ball,” said senior Poornima Patel, another member of the NHS at South.

The ball was held from 6-11 p.m. at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester. As its name suggests, the dance benefited not only the students who were there, but also the community at large. Profits will be donated to Families In Transition, a nonprofit organization based in Manchester and Concord that supports homeless families in the state.

“The event encourages giving back to the community while also having a fun time,” said senior Sreenivas Appasani, president of the NHSS chapter of NHS.

If ever there was an event that blended a laid-back mood with a relatively formal setting, it was the Charity Ball. Fun decorations complemented each other, bringing out the Valentine’s Day theme. There was a mixture of dancing, socializing and even snacking, as food and drinks were made available throughout the night.

What elicited perhaps the greatest enthusiasm, however, was the return of the chocolate fountain, which was featured at last year’s Charity Ball.

Just as expected, the night was a great success for all those involved. Although those who didn’t go to the dance this year missed out on the excitement of the night, they certainly may remain hopeful for an equally terrific experience at next year’s ball.

Hanna Shapiro is a senior at Nashua High School South.

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